The world's tallest Ferris wheel without spokes will be built in South Korea. The Seoul Twin Eye project is in the form of 2 rings around which capsules rotate. The height of the structure is 220 meters.

The Ministry of Communities, Territories and Infrastructure of Ukraine has created a single online portal for passengers and carriers provides an opportunity to check the legality of the route, schedule, carrier and buy a ticket. The portal has been available for testing since March 22, and carriers will be integrated into it in April.

Launch of bus queuesEach regular bus will have a clear time for crossing the border in accordance with the schedule. This will prevent people from waiting in front of checkpoints.

New rules will apply to Greek beaches in the summer:

  • 70% of beaches must be free of sunbeds and umbrellas to avoid crowds;
  • 85% - on protected beaches;
  • sunbeds will be banned altogether on beaches in eco-zones.
30 march 2024